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RGS Netball

30th Oct till 2nd Nov

The RGS Netball Team embarked on an unforgettable journey for a netball tour meticulously organised by Sundreams Travel. The tour kicked off with a netball game that left spectators in awe as the RGS team dominated their competition with an impressive display of skill and teamwork. Their prowess on the court was matched only by their infectious energy, making them not just formidable opponents but also a joy to watch. Beyond the netball court, these spirited athletes seized the opportunity to explore Malta's beauty. Venturing beyond the mainland, they hopped on a boat to discover the charms of the neighbouring islands.

During friendly matches with local netball teams, the RGS squad not only demonstrated their competitive skills but also showcased sportsmanship that connected well with the Maltese community. Despite being in a foreign land, the camaraderie between teams went beyond borders, leaving a lasting impression on both players and spectators. As the tour progressed, the RGS Netball Team transformed into more than just athletes; they became sport ambassadors, building connections and leaving behind a trail of admiration. There's optimism in the air in Malta that this won't be the last meeting with these impressive players.

Looking forward, there's excitement about the potential return of the RGS Netball Team to the sunny shores of Malta next year. With their impressive skill and lively spirit, there's hope they might join the Net Fest, adding more excitement to local netball. We are proud in having facilitated an enriching cultural exchange through the universal language of sport. Until next year, when the courts resonate once again with the swift movements and cheerful laughter of the RGS Netball Team.

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Comments and testimonials

“What an amazing adventure Malta was.”
Netball Coach
Izzziii was super awesome. What a player !🙌🏽
Group Leader
The boat trip was really fun. Pierre took us to a fantastic swimming site.
Watching the passionate game of young girls in netball brings me joy, and it's a pleasure to see them evolve in this sport. It's truly gratifying to witness their development, showcasing remarkable determination and team spirit.
Netball Coach
It was a very enjoyable tour. We had the chance to visit Malta and do some snuggling. It was really fun!
Malta was really nice—the people, the food, and, surprisingly, the netball. We had really good games against the local teams, and they were really friendly. I will come back to Malta for sure.

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